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Professional Care in a Relaxed Environment
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Why FIRST Rehabilitation?

FIRST Rehabilitation is a private, physical therapist owned practice that utilizes a low-volume, high quality-of-care model, where improvement in quality-of-life is our highest priority. Our patient and physician satisfaction has been rated excellent since our inception. We have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that the following happen every time:

  • New patients are scheduled for appointments as quickly as needed.
  • Patients do not spend their valuable time sitting in waiting rooms.
  • Only two patients maximum are scheduled per hour with the physical therapist.
  • A new patient is given a thorough examination and goals for rehabilitation are determined to ensure that optimum outcome is achieved.
  • Each patient receives one-on-one, hands-on care from the same licensed physical therapist each visit.
  • Our office staff will verify all benefits so that every patient is informed of their specific coverage when they come in for physical therapy.
  • Our office staff will file insurance claims for the patient.


Customer Testimonials

"After I had knee replacement surgery, I went to FIRST for physical therapy. I enjoyed being in an environment where patients inspire each other because the level of energy and motivation was amazing. The expertise of the staff is only exceeded by the professional way each patient is treated."

"If you need physical therapy, I highly recommend FIRST Rehab. They are all courteous and very concerned about getting you better and back to your old self. They are fun to be around and make the time you spend with them very enjoyable. If you're feeling down, they bring your spirits up."

"I came in three weeks ago with a knee injury where I could not straighten or bend my knee and now after 8 visits I can straighten my knee and almost fully bend it due to the therapy treatment I have received. I am able to walk normal again without a bad limp. I have gained 95% of use back in my right knee. Thanks FIRST, may God bless you for your good work and concern for your patients."

"I came in with severe pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. There wasn't a day that went by without me hurting. After treatment, I spend most my days pain-free and more active than before. Although I still have some pain, I was taught how to control it and for that I am grateful. The staff at FIRST was friendly and very helpful."

"From the first day I arrived at FIRST Rehabilitation, I could see that the staff worked together as a team. The concern and attention I received from the staff has been exceptional. I was greeted immediately when I entered, not by one, but by all!! I was always informed as to what I was doing and why. James, Joe,and Summer are compassionate, dedicated and caring. I am much better because of the fact that not only were they very knowledgeable, but even more so, they truly cared about my progress! Thank you all so much!"

"After recovering from a third degree shoulder separation, I found that I had a lack of mobility and flexibility. I went to FIRST PT and within a few sessions, I literally experienced immediate results. My strength and flexibility returned to my pre injury levels. Originally I was told that I needed surgery, but after letting it heal naturally and going to FIRST, I now continue to play sports with no deficits. I directly relate my positive recovery to FIRST Rehabilitation."